As soon as news of Alia and Ranbir Kapoor’s babygirl’s arrival hit the airwaves, an avalanche of guests arrived at the hospitals. But most of them were not allowed to see the baby.

For very obvious reasons.

“The family doesn’t want pictures of the baby to be clicked. People can do these things, even trusted friends .Ranbir and Alia don’t want to wake up one morning with their baby’s picture on the internet. Also,she is prone to infection, like all newly-born babies. Every guest can’t be asked to show their Covid-negative certificates . It would be rude and impolite,” a close friend of the family reveals.

Incidentally when Karan landed in India from London on the night of evening 6,he didn’t head straight to the hospital to meet his “grand-daugher.”

The next morning he got himself tested for Covid, waited for the results and then rushed to welcome the baby with a truckload of gifts.

Now that the baby girl is home the hospital rules remain. The number of visitors remains highly limited.

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