Women are weak; Women are this; women are that. Enough of ugly stereotypes. It’s time to rise and shine. Society today is built by women. Today women have broken all the unwanted rules proving themselves as better than others. India is witnessing the revolution. And these women, from Priyanka Chopra to Masaba Gupta, inspire young girls.

1) Priyanka Chopra: The Desi Girl of Bollywood PC. The achievements she has is beyond the records. The actress has inspired girls in her every step-go career to be strong, be you, and choose you. She is one of the biggest motivations in showbiz for girls out there.

2)Anaita Shroff Adajania: Anaita is the founder of India’s most reputed and fashion-forward publication. There is none to compete with her fashion sense. The creativity she brings to her outfits is undeniable. She is a fashion director for Vogue India.

3)Anita Dogre: Anita knows how to nail the perfect mix of business and creativity. There are numerous sub-banners under her label. The appealing fashion and impressing the mass is her style. She can nail anything and everything.

4)Masaba Gupta: Masaba’s kitsch fashion is not just a clothing brand but also explores other things. She is one big powerhouse of fashion, style, and sass.

5)Tina Tahiliani: The only first designer who sells different brands under one name. She is a powerhouse of outfits. Her brand Ensembles is a one-stop solution.

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